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The year so far

At the May 3 program evening, Leaders Forum participants were given 10 minutes to put pen to paper and journal what they had learnt through the leadership program to date.
Some people wrote paragraphs, some wrote dot points and some - like Tripwire Theatre Incorporated's Megan Riedl - wrote poetry.
This is Megan's reflection:


What I've got so far
So far as my front step
And take a breath
Put my leadership hat on
And switch my brain to learning mode
Switching it up
Change in the air
This place
This time and place is buzzing
Activate it
I can be an actor in it
I have power
Hear me roar
I am woman
I can soar
Upon the shoulders of giants
I can lift my eyeline and see
A future beyond the horizon
Most people cannot see beyond their front step
But I see
Somewhere to hang my hat
Some space occupy
And thrive
Some vessel to carry my worth
Some legacy to leave this earth
A better place for my children
I will leave them behind a rainbow fence
To chase the pot of gold
To fund their future
And when I'm old
They'll know all the work I did
All that talking
All those meetings, workshops, courses
Were an investment in humanity
Working for a future most can't see
But a room full of people like me
Who look up
Looking up to others and
Hooking up
Ideas, connecting
Birthing a future
Like mothers
This labour is not easy
It might look glamourous and glowing
But it's raw and bloody
And not everyone can stand to stay in the room
While a woman leads
This process of future building

But the future is mine.

* Megan is the recipient of this year's Hugh Williamson Foundation Scholarship.