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Leadership Program

LBWR is a highly valued and uniquely transformative leadership experience. Its purpose is to build a sustainable, connected and responsive community.

What will you learn?

LBWR transforms through practical and theoretical experiences providing the skills and networks to allow you to reach your potential.

Community Leadership:

Learn how to be a change-maker! Explore community issues through real-life case studies and experiential methods to understand how its practice can help transform the culture of our communities and regions.


Using Harvard adaptive leadership methodologies and LSI psychometric testing, participants reflect upon their thoughts and behaviours that influence their leadership style and abilities and develop areas for improvement. This level of self-awareness transcends both community and business life. 


Activating networks better connects people, organisations, ideas, resources and opportunities. The value of the community, professional and personal connections that are made in LBWR continue well past the conclusion of the program. Feel connected to your community.


Receive grounding education and practice skills in governance, advocacy and lobbying as well as develop an understanding of the political landscape at both a local and federal level. 


“Having a broader understanding of the issues in our community and the work required to bring about change was undoubtedly beneficial in my career” – Andrew Eales, LBWR12

“The alumni gives a great sense of belonging – in a shared vision for a better Ballarat” – Talina Edwards, LBWR16